Our Story

Founded by Christopher and Ulrika Bjercke in 2020, STAGE is a high-end lifestyle concept that will be a destination unlike any other. Offerings will consist of highly limited number of in-house design styles and carefully curated items, art pieces, vintage styles and interior - all connected to the current stage. This fulfils our aesthetic values and vision. Depending on the STAGE the items and styles will vary and furthermore create a new stage for our customers.

Let’s meet the creative duo behind STAGE with a Q/A!

Tell us a little about your background as creative directors and designers? 
After more than two decades in the fashion industry we decided to make a change. It is still an industry we love, but we felt we would like to change our approach. The way we had been working; with 4 collections a year, pumping out high -volume styles and constantly trying to reinvent ourselves has lost its allure.  With Stage we include other passions such as art, music and artifacts. It is truly rewarding to work with talented people outside of the industry, like photographers and artists. It gives us inspiration and a new perspective of how we work. Instead of following trends and making thousands of one style, we will make a limited number of styles, styles that we feel are right, not from a fashion stand, but as something we like to see. We will make them in limited numbers and when they are out they are out, and we'll make something new.

What does STAGE mean and how did you come up with the name?
Well, we think most people know what it means. The nice thing about “stage” is that it also means a point or step in a process, like in reference to f.ex. our current stage in life, in a relationship or even your mood. It can be a stage in a progression, like life. It can also be the name of a David Bowie live album from 1978. We think it was perfect for what we wanted to do, showcase our progression and create a stage for our collaborators and people who share our passions.

What can we expect from future STAGE’s in terms of style?
We don't really know, that is some of the excitement.

What is STAGE philosophy - both in regards to design but also production aesthetics?
As we are working with a diversified offer with everything from modern art to vintage clothing it is hard to pin it down. But we do know that we seek to offer the unique and items of high quality wherever it is a t-shirt or a painting or an objekt.

How often will a new STAGE be presented? 
It is not set, we will change the Stage when we feel we will like to move on.

What are your ambitions for STAGE? 
It is to create a unique lifestyle “universe” where you will find creations from the present and past made by a collective of talent.

How do you handpick your collaboration partners? Will collaboration be something that occurs occasionally? 
This is maybe the most rewarding thing we do, work with talented people. It is fun to learn by working together see what develops out of it. So, no, hopefully it will occur a lot. 

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to send an email to hello@thestagecollective.com

We would love to get in contact!