“Our first ever STAGE ‘Midnight Cowboy’  is about the anticipation, dreams and hope in moving to New York city, whilst keeping your origin and history with you. Within the first STAGE you will find carefully curated items, hand selected art pieces and highly limited in-house design styles - all connected to the theme. 

We celebrate New York for its incredible diversity and for the cultural melting pot it is. It would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the people coming there from near and far, with ambitions to seek their dream and set their mark. The artists, musicians, the actors, the photos, the venues, the history, the fashion, the films, the concerts, the hotels, the buildings all contributing to the notion of which is it today.

We will change the STAGE whenever we feel like moving on, broadening our views and introduce you to our new collaboration partners. Until then, enjoy ‘Midnight Cowboy’ and see what it has to offer…”