”We will not tell you what to be”

The Swedish fashion duo sets a new industry narrative with the online launch of the new concept STAGE and the STAGECOLLECTIVE.

“Being on the fashion industry’sforefront for more than two decadesthe world changed and so      did we.Concepts and industriessuch as sustainability, humanism, empathy and  globalism  feltmore creative and current than trying to come up with another version of what we been doing

in the past. We think that part of the fashion industry somehow lost its way and partly we as designers and creators did too. During the last century fashion has played an important part on the world stage. In politics, equal rights and freedom of expression movements to mention a few. And it made a difference.Today the industryis rather more synonymous with sweat shops,

fast collections, fake promises andprofit margins at cost of ethicalprinciples. We needed toreset and reinvent ourselves and our road ahead. We neededa blank canvas and creative freedom.  Wewanted an ever-changing virtual spacefor our ideas that could becomeanything, anywhere and at anytime.This is how the seed to STAGE and the STAGE COLLECTIVE was born.”

- The STAGE founding duo.

WHAT IS STAGE /steɪdʒ/

”a point,period, or step in a process or development”
”a raised floor or platform, typically in a  theatre, on  which  actors, entertainers, or speakers perform”

THE STAGE is a virtual storyline, a collaborationof creatives, an e-commerce platform and a state- ment trying to reclaim tolost relevance of the creative industries.

THESTAGE COLLECTIVE is our family and cast that will shape the narrative of ourcurrent STAGE production.

Just like a collection, a year model or a fashion  drop the  STAGE  will  be  constantly  changing in theme, sceneryand participants. We will  function as  directors,designers, and  storytellersand bring  to you new STAGE concepts,new ideas and the promise of staying unique.

ACT 1, STAGE: "Midnight Cowboy"
Launching October 2020

The storyline of the STAGE: Midnight Cowboy is about the anticipation, dreams and hope of moving to the city, whilst keeping your origin and history with you. Bringing the memories and  those special personal items along for new adventures.

Featuring STAGE COLLECTIVE collabs such as California based jewellery and leather goods de- signer Kendall Conrad (a first to the European market), luxury scent maker Coqui-Coqui founded by creative director Nicolas Malleville, original art by Lukas Göthman, photographers Bob Gruen, Markus Klinko, Kalle Gustafsson,  Ewa-Mari Johansson  and  wardrobe pieces  by  STAGE. New releases as well as vintage. Custom STAGE electric off-road motorbikes by Cake. Vintage modernist furniture by Pierre Jeanneret will be available through a collaboration with Galerie Maison Première. Items will be available for a limited time on

Collaborating with some of the world most prestigious curators, photographers, artist, brands and non-profit foundations, such as Non-Violence, we will gather and create a special STAGE for you to bean acting part of.

The creative duo behind STAGE has an immense background within fashion and are the founders of the global fashion brand Hunkydory. Receiving Designer and Creative Directors Awards from

the most prestigious companies and events around the world, including VOGUE, ELLE and Guldknappen. Christopher and Ulrika have been celebrated as part of the small collective that changed Nordic Women’s fashion.

In their updated version with STAGE, the duo´s ultimate goal is to reshape and infuse the fashion and creative industry with a relevant and contemporary narrative.

”We will not tell you what to  be, we  will simplyprovide you with the tools to  become theperson you want to be. Empowerment has always been core inour creative process and we feelthat we  need to step up the game a bit” says Christopher Bjercke, creative director.