There is of course a long history of the Peacoat featured in classic movies. One we feel carries the jacket well is Robert Redford in the movie “Three Days Of The Condor” from 1975. 

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The jacket we are featuring is most probably an early 1967 model. It has the correct light-tan corduroy lining in the pockets, but also has the double stitching on the sleeves (only pre-66 early 67)

The tag number is: SA-100-67-C-0268

The 'Peacoat' has a long history dating back to long before WW1, but as we know it now, it is most similar to the WWII style.

It has been updated numerus times, improving and changing details. 

The WWII coats had 10 buttons and the buttons were similar to what we have today, but they had a row of stars around the edge. The post WWII coats featured 8 buttons, the row of stars disappeared, six visible and 2 under the collar.

The fabric stayed the same, midnight blue 100% Kersey wool up until the 1970's when it was replaced by a blended wool. The lining of the pockets stayed light-tan corduroy until 1968.

Also details like the double row of stitching 3” above the cuff changed in 1966, but this feature can be found on some early 1967 coats.

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  • M-L (US size 40)
  • The model is 189 cm
  • Relaxed fit
  • All original, close to mint condition 
  • Double pleated closing with 8 navy blue buttons 
  • The pockets has the correct corduroy with light-tan pocket lining  
  • 2 front pockets and 2 inner pockets 
  • 100% Kersey wool, lining est. polyester 
  • Defaults - Small hole in inner pocket, lining on right pocket tearing on a seam, at some point been fixed in sleeve seam under arm (almost invisible)